Our Philosophy

Little Park Child Development Center is inspired and influenced by the Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®) philosophy of care for children, developed by Magda Gerber. RIE® stresses RESPECT and CONSISTENCY for children.


Respect for children is demonstrated by a belief that children are active participants in their own care and learning, thereby honoring their individual skills and interests with minimal adult direction or intervention. When adult participation is required, it is done through developing a relationship with the child based on trust and communication, as well as encouraging an awareness of self and others.


Consistency is developed through our “primary teacher” system, where one teacher is assigned the primary care of each child according to language or developmental requirements. Continuous observation and communication are vital in developing a sense of security and trust between children and teachers. We conduct “Home Visit”, to give teachers a thorough understanding of each child’s specific developments.


The foundation of our approach is to treat all of our children with utmost respect for their individualities and capabilities. Whenever possible, children are invited to make choices, participate in caregiving routines, (including eating, changing diapers, and resting), and to choose their activities of interest. 

Beijing Little Park


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