Drop in and pick up

Please fill up our family caregivers cards. Signature is a must when caregiver is here to drop in or pick up. It is not complicated when it comes to your child’s safety. Please know that we will not allow anyone who is not listed to pick your child up unless your notice and valid ID.

Daily Necessities

Label your child’s belongings (if any)  

   Wet tissues   Diapers   Diaper cream




Prepare clothes and indoor socks or shoes for different weather.

(at least 2 sets for daycare children)

Blankets and pillows for napping. Pacifier or toys are allowed


Bring your child’s bottle is better unless he/she is learning cup drinking .


Our staff will sterilize and clean rooms, toys and other play materials, Notice us if your child is allergy to alcohol or any other cleaning products. 


Toy cleaning

Clean Air

We care about air from materials we use to the room setup. A beautiful plants wall is a plus as our natural resource of clean air besides our air purifiers. Records of purifier purchasing will be there for your reference. Please share with us if you have

Beijing Little Park


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