Food Policy

NO NUTS, NO CANDIES allowed in Little Park for possible allergy reason.

Homemade food and fruits are encouraged for snack time. Please inform us of your children’s allergies before attending our daycare program. 

Lunch menu will be updated on billboard in Little Park every week.

Medical Policy

Little Park is dedicated to providing the best possible service for parents and children. We must ask for parents’ full cooperation in ensuring that our policy and procedures are adhered to and staff is not put in a difficult position. If your child has any of the following symptoms, rest at home is good for your child’s recovery.

  • Fever, more than 38 degrees;

  • Ear infection;

  • Eye redness or infection;

  • Vomiting or diarrhea;

  • Any rashes or skin infections;

  • Cough

  • Running nose;

  • Sore throat;

  • Excessive fatigue;

We will be unable to admit any child on medication until he/she is in full recovery. We will contact the assigned hospital in your Medical Record Form and you if we see any of symptoms above. We look forward to seeing you within an hour if you agree to pick up your child. We will close if any government notification about health issued. 

Please know that there is no reduction of tuition fee during sick leave.

Beijing Little Park


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